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Schenectady Home influenced by The

One of the most interesting things about the Stickley Craftsman Homes project was how the articles about his house designs appear to have influenced readers. In 2010 the author engaged in a correspondence with the owner of the Harry Burnham, home located in Niskayuna, a  suburb of Schenectady, New York. Burnham designed the home, supervised its construction and lived in it his entire life. From its appearance and the details of the interior it is easy to see Gustav Stickley’s design influence on Burnham. In addition, Burnham’s granddaughter has unearthed some wonderful period photos of the family living in the house shortly after it was built in 1908. Below are some recent photos by the author and some period photos of the house and family. The garage, also designed by Burnham, was seamlessly added in the 1940s.The wing to the left is a later addition, not by Burnham.

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